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All products are from Stampin’ Up.  Check out the new olive twill ribbon.  It’s soooo nice to tie and looks great.  It’s in the current mini catalog.  I bought it in chocolate chip also.


Aloha!  Because people know I’ve removed all the woodie stamps (red rubber stamps on wood blocks) from the wood blocks they were made with, many people want to know how I use the clear blocks with the red rubber stamps that aren’t sticky.  So I thought I’d tell everyone because I tried a few different ways to use the red rubber stamps on the clear blocks but I definitely found a solutino I’m very happy with.

First, let me say I love having my favorite woodies now stored in DVD or CD jewel cases,  It has been the best storage solution since baskets were invented!  Looking back the process of removing all the ones I wanted to keep took a long time but I’m not sorry I did it.  The results have been marvelous!

Now for the sticky solution… And the good thing about this solution is that it’s more popular now and easier to find than when I was forst looking for ways to make my woodie rubbers work on clear blocks.  It’s called “Tsukineko Tack n Peel” and it’s made by the same people that make Versamark ink, Staz On ink, and all kinds of scrapbooking and rubber stamping inks and accessories.

How Tack n Peel works is you cut a piece the size of the block you will be using with anything that is not sticky and once you let the Tack n peel cling to the clear block anything can be used to stamp with.  So not only did I find something to use my woodie-less stamps with but I found something that I can stick string or whatever to and make custom backgrounds.   Fun, fun, fun.  Gotta Have It!

Aloha & Happy stamping & crafting.

Aloha!  Thought I’d share one of the two favorite pieces I’ve made out of Art Clay Silver (pure silver in clay form).  It’s a jeweled branch pin.  I was trying to make it look like coral but I think it looks more like a twig.  No matter. I love how it turned out anyway.  It has a bar pin on the back.  You can sort of see the pin in the picture on the top of the branch.

NO!  This isn’t my truck nor am I in any way married to the man that drives this truck!

I saw this while driving through town a few weeks ago and HAD to take a picture of the sign.  It put a smile on my face.   Hope you smile too.  *:D

I love going to Boydo-in Temple and the surrounding gardes.  It’s on the windward side (east)of the island and a beautiful drive whenever you go.  THe temple itself is a replica of the famous temple by the same name in Kyoto, Japan. The hall was designed to resemble a Chinese mythological pheonix-like bird “ho-o.” There’s images of this bird decorating both ends of the roof and the building is also known as the Ho-o-do, or Phoenix Hall.

The grounds include a seven ton bronze bell which is mounted on a platform.  I pll the large wooden pole hammer to ring it for good luch and to make music for the spirits and ancestors burried nearby.  There’s also a two-acre reflecting lake with hundreds of koi fish you cna feed, peacocks, swans, ducks, meditation niches, and little waterfalls. The mountains in the background and the lush gardens complete the scene.

Here’s some of the pictures I used in the collage.  I hope you can feel the peaceful and quiet atmosphere.  It’s a beautiful place to meditate and reflect.  Hope you enjoy the pics!  *:D

My boyfriend took me on a romantic picnic on Magic Island (Waikiki) to “spend some quality time” with me before he flys to the mainland for a week.  It was so sweet!  He cooked dinner and had everything all packed up and ready to go when I got home.  All er had to do was put it in the car and leave.  Can’t get much better than that!



Instead of taking pictures of the water and Waikiki skyline, I took this picture laying on my back looking up at the sky and the palm trees thinking what a great life I have.  People who love me, a good job, a wonderful little dog, a place to live, and decent health.  Life is good.

Used my iPhone to take this picture.  Pretty good for a phone camera!  I love my iPhone!

Another reason why I love my iphone… Don’t get all crazy on me but once in a while while I’m sitting in traffic or driving I spy something that MUST have a photo taken,  Take this sunset for instance, it was even more beautiful in person and had beautiful sun rays shining through on the colored clouds.  It SCREAMED “TAKE A PICTURE OF MEEEEE!”  So I did and now you get to see it.  *:D

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