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Don’t get all grossed out but I made a scrapbook page that includes a few of the huge bugs here in Hawaii.  Living in the Tropics sounds all dreamy and wonderful but there’s always things you’ve got to be on the lookout for.  Bugs are one of them.  Although I must say the bamboo is making the bugs sort of look insignificant.  *:D  And the geckos are fabulous!  They’re good luck you know.  (And they eat bugs for dinner!)



Here’s two more pages I’ve done using Close to My Heart scrapbook pages.  These things make page layouts so much faster than starting with a plain page.  Love them for fast layouts.  Then I have more time to sspend on the really detailed pages I want to make sometimes.

Maybe I’m flattering myself but I love the dreamy look of this picture.  I was taken through a piece of class and is actually light reflecting from behind me.  Yeah… Sure, I meant to do that.  … NOT!

I was going through some old papers and came across this hone drawing I did a few years ago.  Honu is Hawaiian for turtle.  I drew it while a friend of mine was playing the congos for one og the bands here in Hawaii.  It was so relaxing to draw and listen to live music. 

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