I love going to Boydo-in Temple and the surrounding gardes.  It’s on the windward side (east)of the island and a beautiful drive whenever you go.  THe temple itself is a replica of the famous temple by the same name in Kyoto, Japan. The hall was designed to resemble a Chinese mythological pheonix-like bird “ho-o.” There’s images of this bird decorating both ends of the roof and the building is also known as the Ho-o-do, or Phoenix Hall.

The grounds include a seven ton bronze bell which is mounted on a platform.  I pll the large wooden pole hammer to ring it for good luch and to make music for the spirits and ancestors burried nearby.  There’s also a two-acre reflecting lake with hundreds of koi fish you cna feed, peacocks, swans, ducks, meditation niches, and little waterfalls. The mountains in the background and the lush gardens complete the scene.

Here’s some of the pictures I used in the collage.  I hope you can feel the peaceful and quiet atmosphere.  It’s a beautiful place to meditate and reflect.  Hope you enjoy the pics!  *:D