This is a collage/stamping project I started a few moths ago that I’d like to do more to but I’m not sure what to add. It was made by taking 2 pieces of cereal box cardboard and gluing a piece of cardstock to each of them for the background color. Make sure the cardstock folds over the edges of the cardboard to make finished edges. You can use modge podge, Elmer’s glue, white craft glue or whatever. The two pieces of cardboard & cardstock are then taped together like a book or folder using masking tape.

Get your white glue or collage glue ready. Crumple up a fairly good size piece of tissue paper and while it’s still wrinkled glue i to the bottom part of the book front. Use enough glue to hold the wrinkles done.

Do the same thing to the back of the book. Once that’s glued on fold the piece of fabric in half to cover the spine of the book. Glue the fabric to the spine of the book with half on each front and back. Use a black strip of paper was to glue over the edge of the fabric which makes it look a lot more finished.

For the inside of the book you glue two more pieces of cardstock or colored paper to the cardboard covers for a background color. Glue wrinkled tissue paper to th bottom of the book all the way from one side to the other. I ripped apart the tissue aper into strips to make it easier to manage.
Then using 2 different leaf stamps and a turtle stamp (all from Rubber Stamp Plantation) you stamp all over it until it looks good. Lay out the tags for inside the little pockets and stamp them as well. To decorate the inside of the book take small manilla coin envelopes and glue more wrinkled tissue paper on them. Tuck in the little envelope flaps so they make a pocket and glue them onto the inside covered of the book.

Now use a hair dryer and blow hot air on the book till it is pretty dry, at least dry enough to paint on. Using copper acrylic paint like you get from the craft store use a little water to thin the paint out and paint all over the whole front and back of the book, even the fabric spine. Now you’ve got the basic collage book finished and you can decorate it even more with things that have meaning to you. I’ll show you my finished book once I add more trinkets and treasures to it.

If you make one send an email or comment this post to show your beautiful work! I’d love to see it.