Today I choose the theme “love” so to put a little twist on it I made it “aloha” which is a Hawaiian word that includes the meaning love. This is my way of spreading a little aloha to the world for the new year. *:)

What does ALOHA mean? Many tour books say “Aloha” has about 17 different meanings like “Hello, Goodbye,and I Love You,” I’ve learned it actually means, “I, as my highest self, greet you as your highest self, with the breath of HA (with Divine Spirit).” Although “Aloha” is a word that has been greatly commercialized there are still true Hawaiian’s who, in a noble way greet each other with deep respect and with the sacredness of a Soul-to-Soul encounter.

So when you greet someone with the word Aloha, do it with meaning and with a pure heart. Become part Hawaiian even if you’re only Hawaiian in your heart.